Citizenship Immigration Service

citizenship immigration service

Immigration law assistance

Do you or a relative need help to apply for a visa? Do you know someone who would want to immigrate to the United States? While immigration can be tricky and intimidating, the fact is that in most cases, we can help you or your loved ones come to the United States. You can trust our professionals to guide you through the right forms and save you both time and money to get your loved ones here the right way. Contact us today as about our citizenship Immigration service.

Citizenship Immigration Service Los AngelesCitizenship Immigration Service Los Angeles


We can help you with:

  • Applying for a work permit
  • Extension of stay
  • Labor certification – PERM
  • Work visa
  • Investor visa
  • Asylum or refugee visa
  • Student visa
  • Business or travel visa
  • Naturalization
  • Permanent residency
  • Fiance or fiancee visa


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Disclaimer: This office does not employ attorneys and is not authorized to practice law in the State of California. At certain times, we refer our clients to various attorneys, authorized to practice law in the State of California and as certified paralegals, are employed by such attorneys.